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Sponge cakes
Sponge-cream cakes
Sponge-cream glazed cakes
Sponge-cream cakes with jam, jam and podvarka
Sponge-fruit cakes
Sponge cakes with jam
Sponge cakes with protein cream
Sponge cakes with marshmallow and soufflé
Sponge cakes with curd cream
Sponge-nut and other cakes
Biscuit baby cakes
Sponge cakes with margarine, vegetable cream and fat finishes
Sand cakes
Glazed sand cakes
Sandy cream cakes
Sandy fruit cakes
Sand cakes with jam
Sandy curd cakes
Puff cakes
Custard cakes
Air cakes
Air cakes
Airy nut cakes
Almond cakes
Combination cakes
Biscuit and sand cakes
Sponge air cakes
Sand-air cakes
Custard cakes
Tiny cakes
Waffle cakes
Waffle cakes with fat filling
Wafer cakes with praline and other fillings
Mosoblkhleb cakes
Products for diabetics
Biscuit sliced cakes
Sponge cakes with piece baked semi-finished product
Sand cakes
Sandy cream cakes
Sand cakes with fruit filling and marshmallows
Sand cakes without cream
Sand cakes "Korzinochki"
"Baskets" with cream
"Baskets" with fruit filling
"Baskets" with nut filling
Puff pastries
Puff sliced cakes
Puff pastries with piece-baked semi-finished product
Custard cakes
Airy cakes
Almond and nut cakes
Tiny cakes
Combined cakes
Waffle cakes
Sets of cakes
Products for diabetics
Cupcakes with chemical leavening agents
Butter cupcakes
Margarine & Anhydrous Fat Cupcakes
Curd muffins
Cupcakes without chemical leavening agents
Yeast muffins
Butter cupcakes
Margarine Cupcakes
Products for diabetics
Fruit rolls
Different rolls
Lingering cookies
First grade flour lingering cookies
Lingering cookies made from premium flour
Sugar cookies
2nd grade flour sugar cookies
Sugar cookies from 1st grade flour
Sugar cookies made from premium flour
Puff pastry
Butter cookies
Products for diabetics
1st grade flour crackers
Premium flour crackers
Flour biscuits of the 2nd grade
1st grade flour biscuits
Biscuits from wallpaper wheat flour
Biscuits made from premium flour
Products for diabetics
Gingerbread from wheat flour of the 2nd grade
Gingerbread from wheat flour of the 1st grade
unglazed with filling
glazed with filling
glazed with lots of honey
glazed with filling and lots of honey
glazed high-calorie with lots of honey
Gingerbread from wheat flour of the highest grade
glazed with filling
glazed with filling and lots of honey
Gingerbread made from a mixture of wheat and rye flour
glazed with lots of honey
glazed with filling and lots of honey
Products for diabetics
Wheat flour mats, 2nd grade
1st grade wheat flour mats
glazed with lots of honey
Top grade wheat flour mats
Mats from a mixture of wheat flour 1 and rye
Fruit and berry marmalade
Fruit jelly marmalade
shaped on agar
molded on agaroid
molded on citrus pectin
molded on apple pectin
molded on beet pectin
carved on apple pectin
Jelly marmalade
carved on furcellaria agar
shaped on agar
molded on furcellaria agar
carved on citrus pectin
carved on beet pectin
molded on agaroid
molded on citrus pectin
molded on beet pectin
molded on gelatin
agar carved
Products for diabetics
on agar
on agar
on furcellaria agar
on citrus pectin
on apple pectin
Cranberries in sugar
Eastern sweets
like caramel
type of soft candy
Eastern sweets. Flour products.
Eastern sweets. Sets.
Sunflower halva
Takhinny halva
Halva peanut
Halvah nut
Halva combined
Sweets glazed with chocolate glaze
Candy with fondant bodies
Candy with fruit bodies
Sweets with milk bodies
Candy with liqueur bodies
Candy with cream bodies
Whipped candies
Sweets with praline-based bodies
Candies with marzipan shells
Sweets with fillings between layers of waffles
Sweets with roasted shells
Combined body sweets (puff)
Fruits, berries, candied fruits in chocolate
Fat-glazed sweets
Unglazed sweets
Sweets made from praline masses, such as pralines and based on confectionery fat
Fondant candy
Milk candy
Sets of sweets
Products for diabetics
Products for diabetics
Products for diabetics
Candy caramel
Caramel with fruit and berry fillings
Caramel with liqueur fillings
Caramel with honey fillings
Caramel with fondant fillings
Caramel with milk fillings
Caramel with butter and sugar fillings
Caramel with whipped fillings
Caramel with marzipan fillings
Caramel with nut fillings
Caramel with chocolate-nut fillings
Caramel with double fillings
Caramel filled with cereals, legumes and oilseeds
Dragee liqueur
Dragee jelly
Dragee fondant
Dragee sugar
Dragee caramel
Dragee nut
Dragee fruit and berry
Products for diabetics
Ordinary chocolate without addition
Ordinary chocolate with additions
Dessert chocolate without additives
Dessert chocolate with additions
Plain and dessert chocolate with large additions
Chocolate with fillings
Products for diabetics
Assorted sweets
Powdered chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa drinks
Sweet tiles
Yeast dough products