Raw material

Name of raw materialsDry, %in use
Name of raw materialsDry, %in use
New raw materials
5 cereal flakes88
9% fat cottage cheese32.2
acetic acid (80%)80
acetic essence0 2 
A crumb of semi-finished product "Dachny"77 1 
A crumb of sheet wafers (in No. 241, 242, 245)97.5 5 
activated carbon99.9
activita (in)95
additive Aromaffix91
additive "Ledifruit classic"70 3 
adipic acid (E355)99.8
admul date 1916 food supplement99
adyghe cheese44
agar (E406)85 116 
agar (E406)85
agar (E406)86
agar-agar (E406)85
agar-agar (1000)85
agar agar powder88
agar-agar VTs (E406)85
agar (h)88
agaroid85 27 
agent "Acrobat" [BakeLab]97
agent "Superbahn" produced by "BakeLab"97
agent "Tvorolux" [BakeLab]97
agidol-1 (E321)99.9
airy dessert with blueberries55
airy dessert with cereals35
airy dessert with cherries55
alaska Express AE Mango95
albufix (B)98.5
alcohol0 247 
alfamal 502090
alfamalt bk502086
alfamalt f2510486
alkalized cocoa95
alkalized cocoa GP-690-1195.5
alkalized cocoa powder95
alkalized cocoa powder97
alkalized cocoa powder 12%98.5
alkalized cocoa powder Denkacao - A95
alkalized cocoa powder "GP-690-11"95
alkalized cocoa powder with high fat content98.5
alles Gute Baguette 1988
alliance - Alpha curd concentrate93.6
alliance - concentrate for oatmeal cookies92
alliance Concentrate Red Velvet95
alliance - Sochen concentrate12
allspice100 1 
almond cake96
almond essence0 36 
almond filling Amandal0
almond flour92.72
almond flour96
almond flour 0-2 mm98.5
almond flour (Art)95
almond kernel96
almondKing mix92
almond nut (M)0
almond oil99.9
almond paste94 2 
almond paste (natural)94
almond peel94 2 
almond petals96
almond sweet flavor0
ALT 219 chocolate from the Argol company0
alum reagent0
AM 701 improver (*)90
amaranth flour86
amaranth seeds99
amaretto liqueur0
american Icing Caramel 1975
A mixture of spices seasoning Tomato (tomato flakes), art 998825 (H)85
A mixture of spices seasoning Tomato (tomato flakes) art.998825 Omega (Ch)85
A mixture of vegetable oils for lubricating cutting equipment "SG-ÖL"0
ammonium carbonate (E503(i))0
ammonium carbonate (E503(i))0 95 
ammonium salt (E503(i))0 248 
anise oil0 1 
anise seeds90
antioxidant anthrancin0
antioxidant grindox; anthrancin40
antioxidant NOVOSOL99.9
antioxidant STABILAN FLAU B295
A pineapple14.7
apple-cherry filling [Krapivenskaya, Sweet House]73
apple essence0 16 
apple fibers92
apple filling67.5
apple filling74 2 
apple filling [3]73
apple filling hell67
apple filling in slices70
apple filling tkhk69
apple filling (v)0
apple filling with cinnamon40.6
apple filling with pieces [Odoevsky canned food]45
apple flavor0
apple flavor (IR)0
apple flour96.5 1 
apple green MP70
apple jam0
apple jam65
apple jam66 6 
apple jam67.1
apple jam70.2
apple jam72 2 
apple jam [2]66
apple jam "Agat" with "Apricot" flavoring69
apple jam (N)66
apple jam not pasteurized63
apple jam [V]66
apple juice11.9
apple pectin90 2 
apple pectin92 11 
apple-pectin paste6 2 
apple-plum-ginger filling K-7038
apple podvarka69 12 
apple powder92 9 
apple puree10 201 
apple puree12
apple puree21.8
apple puree32
apple puree210
apples are green14.44
applesauce 110
applesauce filling with apricot flavor68
apples frozen cubes13
apple svіzhі13.7
apple term jam. nester.66
apple (wedges in syrup)15.6
ap-r cranberry union snub0
apricot compote syrup17 2 
apricot cooking69 7 
apricot filling67.5
apricot filling (thermostable)40
apricot flavor0
apricot gel ..59
apricot jam70
apricot jam72 2 
apricot jam (Inagro)43
apricot jam "Veres"72
apricot juice15.7
apricot kernel94.6
apricot liqueur40 4 
apricot pits88.8 1 
apricot pouring0 1 
apricot puree10 46 
apricot puree16.9
apricot puree (RaviFruit)9.8
apricot removed from alcohol22 1 
apricots from compote17 4 
apricot supply70 2 
apricot s / z13.8
apricot tincture0 1 
ap-r rowan0
aquan _S (*)0.2
arabella Blend (Strawberry Yogurt)85
arabella (vanilla)97
ariba dark chocolate0
ariba white chocolate0
armoni Ice Glaze Glaze48
armoni neutral (v)70
armoni's glaze neutral75
aroma. Essence "Rumbarum"0
aroma paste "Banana" [TRIER Dreidoppel] (*)49.7
aroma paste "Blueberry"0
aroma paste lemon53.9
aroma paste "Lemon"0
aroma paste "Mint"0
aroma paste "Orange"0
aroma paste "Pistachio"0
aroma paste "Raspberry"0
aroma paste "Strawberry"0
aroma "Strawberry"0
aromatic alcohol0 1 
aromatic essence BUTTERSANE96.1
aromatic malted wheat flakes92
aromatizer "Amaretto"0
aromatizer "Grapes"0
arr barberry saint petersburg0
arr Cheddar Cheese 6212290
ar-r cognac0
arr cranberry KHPA0
arr garnet0
arr ginger tula0
arr mint KHPA0
arr oatmeal cookies soyuzsnab0
arr Pie worldmarket0
ar-r pistachio saint petersburg0
arr raisins0
ar-r toffee "Soyuz snab"0
arr "Tula curd"0
arr vanilla0
artificial honey78 28 
artificial honey (with additional natural honey) (raw material)78
ascorbic acid (E300) (E300)99.9
astoria mayonnaise 40%43
astri apple mix93.7
"Astri jelly" gelling powder ..63
avalanche vanilla cream0
ava Potato31
avicel 721092
avorio chocolate coating97.8
bacaldrin cake mix93
bachenmix mix - sand93
backing Castard Cream [CSM]96
bacon s / k0
bacterial starter culture Bosker61
badian100 1 
bai chocolate drops89.5
bakaldrin cake93.1
baked low-fat milk8.8
baked milk 1% fat.9.6
baked milk flavoring0
bakels Stabilizer [Bakels] (E1422)97
bakery concentrate "Provence"85
bakery improver "Icebar" (*)92
bakery improver "Kimo Akti Plus" (*)88
bakery improver "Kimo M Plus" (*)88
bakery improver Top Frost97
bakery improver Unipan Total85
bakery mix Bio Mix91.5
bakery mix "Buckwheat with flax"90
bakery mix Butchery [Bread doctor]14.5
bakery mix Butter concentrate [Bread doctor]14.5
bakery mix Chabatta mix (*)92.3
bakery mix Cheeseballs88
bakery mix Grain {Bread doctor}0
bakery mix "Integral"87.5
bakery mix Italian {Bread doctor}85.5
bakery mix Multi-grain [Bread doctor]86
bakery mix "Peasant"86
bakery mix Seeds and cereals [Bread doctor]86
bakery mix "Sovital concentrate"89
bakery mix Sovital concentrate89
bakery mix "Sport Active"90
bakery mix "Sports"90
bakery mix "Zavarnaya"86
bakery mix "Zavarnaya" 25%86
bakery wheat flour of the highest grade (P)85
bakery yeast "Record" (blue label)30
baking Castard Cream 1993
baking flour 2 grades86
baking flour mixtures "Multigrain"91
baking food mix "Fitness Mix"90
baking food mix "Fitness Mix" oatmeal88
baking grain mix "Beauty and Health"85
baking improver AM 501 (*)90
baking improver "Inventis" "Soft lemon" [Inventis® SAF] (*)90
baking improver "Magimix" "CH 01 Toast" (*)90
baking improver Rye volume85
baking margarine "CRUSTO Profi" NT 3018
baking margarine (v)82
baking mix Borodino90
baking mix Buckwheat [Bread doctor]86
baking mix Pumpkin [Bread Doctor]85
baking mix Sports90
baking mix "Sports"90
baking mix Starodubskaya {Bread doctor}85
baking mixture Corn [Bread doctor]86
baking "Oreo"96
baking powder0
baking powder78
baking powder90
baking powder (*)97
baking powder [2]90
baking powder ["Aero Effect" 311 NEOS] (*)85.5
baking powder "Air Cake 30"99
baking powder "Bachenmix"95
baking powder Beikin super (*)78
baking powder ["Beikin Super" Puratos] (*)86
baking powder [Duo BAKES] (*)82
baking powder "Duo Special" [Bakels Бейклс]] (*)82
baking powder [Good Baker® "Medium" BARGUS] (*)82
baking powder [improver DENFAY 28.01 SOYUZSNAB] (*)80
baking powder Leval 2850
baking powder Lindener50
baking powder "Lindener" (*)85
baking powder "Lindener" [TRIER] (*)85
baking powder ["Orkyd 20" Credin] (*)80
baking powder [Ultra Tex]99
baking soda0
baking soda (E500(ii))50 363 
baking soda (E500(ii))99.8
baking wheat flour of the highest grade85.5
baking wheat flour, premium grade (KF)85.5
baktivat FrishPlus 1978
ballabrio muffin mix90
balls Crunch white98
balls pop joy assorted (Zentis)21.8
balsamic cream0
balsamic vinegar0
baltia Dark25
baltic Profi 1985
baltic Profi AIT 1985
banana chips92
banana essence0 10 
banana extract RX 157940
banana filling75
banana flavor0
banana Foundation85
banana peel26
banana, unpeeled26
barbecue chicken0
barbecue sauce class.0
barley flakes88
barley flakes "The sun is clear"95
barley groats0
barley groats86
barry Callebaut chocolate: dark chocolate droplets CHD-DR-105X33-59799
barvniks kharchovі synthetic99.2
base for coating Truffle mass Chocolate.99
base for ice cream America 50 (V)95
basic Biscuit Mix88
basil flavoring Givaudan L-13084488
basil oil0
basil svіzhiy8
bay leaf94.56
bean kernels in arachis94
beef liver28.3
beef sausages34.2
bee honey82.6
beeswax (industrial)98.5
beet fiber90
beet fiber PRO WR 20090
beet juice16.6
beet pectin86 4 
beet puree10 1 
beet soup69 1 
beet syrup70 1 
bellaria cream on vegetable oils for whipping with MJ 27%42
benedictine0 1 
benedictine"40 6 
bergamot puree JF10
berliner 10% 1988
berliner mix14
berries from cranberry jam72 1 
berries from jam72 1 
berry essence0 3 
berry filling Denfruit "Sea buckthorn N 79570
berry mix cm12.8
berry puree10 2 
berry supply60 2 
berry supply70 2 
berry tincture0 1 
berry tincture in alcohol0 12 
beta cyclodextrin (E459)0
"Bianca Profi" [Zeelandia]95
bicarbonate soda (E500(ii))100 2 
binenkorn 1988
bio-yogurt (3.2%)13.7
bird cherry biscuit (Estero-Product mix)86.6
bird cherry filler thermostab.59.4
bird cherry flour90
bird cherry flour100
biscotti dolce cookies (defective)94
biscuit Apricot (Estero-Product mix)86.4
biscuit Bird cherry Concentrate [Arabella]89.5
biscuit chocolate crumb75
biscuit churning gel37
"Biscuit concentrate" Honey Buckwheat "88
biscuit concentrate with cocoa f.TRIER0
biscuit emulsifier40
biscuit emulsifier70
biscuit mix82
biscuit mix88
biscuit mix "CrediCake American Chocolate"89
biscuit mix "CrediCake American Vanilla"89
biscuit mix Madeleine Lavender88
biscuit mix professional biscuit chocolate90
biscuit mixture 24.0980
biscuit mixture (classic)90
biscuit sticks SAVOYARDI87
"Biscuit Universal" vanilla89.5
biscuit vanilla concentrate TRIER90
bitter chocolate99
bitter chocolate 70.5% No. 70-30-38 Barry Callebaut Belgium99
bitter chocolate "Classic" 43488
bitter chocolate kommunarka 68%68
bitter chocolate No. 1 (Tomer)99
bitter chocolate "Rodny kut" (Belga)98.9
black Belcolad chocolate99
blackberry frozen MP0
blackberry puree10 1 
blackberry s / m6.5
black chocolate-couverture JF 64%88.2
black confectionery glaze in tablets (Karat Kaverluks Dark)98.5
black currant16.7
blackcurrant, alcohol-free (no alcohol)27.5 1 
blackcurrant essence0 16 
blackcurrant filling with chunks (Jam Empire)56
blackcurrant filling with whole berry thermostable [Odoevsky canned food]45
black currant flavor0
black currant grated with sugar54 1 
black currant jam0
black currant jam76.7
blackcurrant jam70 1 
blackcurrant jam72 16 
blackcurrant juice12.2
blackcurrant podvarka69 13 
blackcurrant puree10 10 
black currant s / m8.9
blackcurrant supply60 3 
blackcurrant supply70 7 
black currant s / z16.7
black cuttlefish82.3
black pepper100 3 
black rum33
black ryan juice14
black sesame seeds98
blanched pistachio (Semushka)94
blend Arabella MANGO85
blend hdebopkrnaya Pia to mix0
blend Mousse Neutral97
blend -Muffin Black Corduroy85
blend Sports78
blitz-biscuit mix90
blitz-Kesemix mixture (Art)90
blotted syrup0
blueberry filling65
blueberry filling [Bogucharovo market]70
blueberry filling with pieces [Odoevsky canned food]45
blueberry-flavored jam65
blueberry puree10 1 
blueberry puree (RaviFruit)0
blueberry sauce69 1 
blueberry supply70 3 
blueberry supply70 1 
blueberry syrup65
blue paint0 42 
boiled beef46
boiled beef liver0
boiled cabbage7
boiled carrot puree (8%)8
boiled chicken0
boiled chicken fillet40
boiled chicken (torn pieces)25
boiled condensed milk79
boiled condensed milk 11% w73.5
boiled condensed milk 4.5% (N)73.5
boiled condensed milk "Alekseevskoe" 8.575
boiled condensed milk "Borskaya" 8.5% w70
boiled condensed milk "Burenka"70
boiled condensed milk-containing product with sugar "Boiled condensed milk" mdzh 10%70
boiled condensed milk filling0
boiled condensed milk flavoring0
boiled condensed milk "Leader" 8.5%74
boiled condensed milk mp0
boiled condensed milk "Premium" ("LubiMo")73.5
boiled condensed milk product "Special"71.5
boiled condensed milk product with sugar "Boiled condensed milk" with a fat mass fraction of 10.0%70
boiled condensed milk Vesta58
boiled condensed milk with sugar 8.5%74
boiled condensed milk Yegorka0
boiled egg75.43
boiled potatoes0
boiled sausage0
boiled sterilized beets cut into strips0
boiled trimming46
bolero cocoa (w)98
bonn chocolate96.1
boronno whole grain wheat85.5
boroshno livestock85.5
boroshno Manitoba 085
borosno whole grain crop85.5
brazilian nut96.52
breadcrumbs92 1 
breadcrumbs93 3 
bread improver Pee-turbo90
brewed semi-finished product "Ava white"35
"Brilo " neutral ( v)66
BRILO with strawberry glaze63.4
brioche Mix87
brown cane sugar, unrefined98
brown flax seeds91
brownie cupcake81
brownie mixture concentrate90.7
buck Mix Classic [2]88
buckwheat flakes95
buckwheat flour86
buckwheat flour87
buckwheat flour88
buckwheat flour (Vigers)88
buckwheat unground86
BUDAL® 230895
bukao Cocoa Powder Dust95
bulb onions0
bulb onions10.89
bulb onions14
burger patty pf0
burger pizza cutlet0
burned sugar78
burnt (raw)78 30 
burnt sugar99.85 3 
butter 82.5%84
butter [Belarus]84
butter biscuit mixture88
butter butter flavor0
butter cookies crumb94 2 
buttermilk6 1 
butter Muffin Mix MP85
butter "Peasant"75
butter sponge cake Orange with carrots and ginger (Estero-Product mix)87
cabbage MP0
caesar sauce0
cafe "Dairy"70
cake mix concentrate88
cake Mix concentrate98
cake Mix Concentrate95
cake Mix Concentrate 1988
cake Mix Concentrate (V)95
cake mix "EXRRESS CAKE MIX"92
calamansi puree10
calcium acetate (E263)98
calcium benzoate (E213)82.5
calcium chloride95
calcium chloride [anhydrous] (E509)95
calcium citrate (E333(iii))86
calcium citrate (E333(iii))97.5
calcium dihydrogen diphosphate (E450(vii))99
calcium propionate (E282)96
calcium propionate99
calcium stearate (E470)100 2 
calcium sulfate E516 (E516)98
californian marzipan (Art)83.5
callebaut dark chocolate 54.5% №81199
callebaut dark chocolate 54% with sugar substitute MALCHOC-D-12399
callebaut milk chocolate 33.6% №82399
callebaut white chocolate CW2 [Barry Callebaut, Belgium]99
calorie oil ..84
candied carrot82.6
candied cherries80
candied cherries candied cherries75
candied Cherry Maraschino71
candied citrus fruits83 4 
candied clementines (tangerines)85
candied coconut cube81
candied fruit70 12 
candied fruit83 31 
candied fruit84
candied fruit (cherry)71
candied fruit orange peel strip VC75
candied fruit removed from syrup70 2 
candied fruits-2 Kh / Z No. 390
candied fruits 4 * 4 Italica80
candied fruits "Green cherry"74 1 
candied fruits "Khlebozavod No. 3"74
candied ginger98.5
candied kiwi85
candied lemon100
candied Mango85
candied mango leaves85
candied melon or watermelon70 1 
candied orange63.6
candied orange83
candied orange fruits ..75
candied orange peel cubes VTS71
candied papaya80
candied papaya85
candied peaches, dried85
candied pear85
candied petals83
candied pineapple83
candied pineapple85
candied pineapple 8-10mm mix89
candied pineapple 90%90
candied pineapple (cubes 3-5 mm)83
candied pineapple leaves mix with VC dyes88
candied pineapple (ring)85
candied pineapple with dyes89
candied pomelo85
candied pomelo [2]85
candied tangerine85
candied tangerine92
candied washers mix83
candy BONBONS TOUMOU, tm. Auchan83.1
candy caramel "Classic" with taste of milk caramel T 300 (crumb)95
cane sugar98
canned champignon mushrooms MP0
canned corn8
canned corn85.5
canned fish: Natural sardine with oil0
canned fruits and berries (compote)23.1
canned milk-containing food recombined with sugar " the weight ratio of fat milk" mj. 11% (GAMMI)73.5
canned olives25
canned peach17
canned peach ..15.6
canned peaches24
canned peaches35
canned peas16.1
canned pineapple14.7
canned pineapple16.49
canned pineapple?70
canned pineapples20
canned pineapples in syrup20
canned pineapples in syrup [2]20
canned puree with sorbic acid (potassium sorbate) s.v 30%0.066
canned sliced champignons9
canola oil99.9
capital sausages35.8
caramal nut98.4 1 
caramel chocolate mass 1120 - Tomer98
caramel color (E150a)70
caramel confectionery glaze98
caramel crumb0
caramel filling (Odoevsky canned food)66
caramel flavor R 27510
caramelized pear0
caramelized whole milk powder96
caramel mass98 1 
caramel treacle78
caramel treacle (V)75
caramel waste74 1 
carat Caverlux Milk98
carat Coverlux Dark98.5
carat Decorcrem White98
carat Super Cream Choco98
carat Super Cream Nutty98
caraway100 3 
cardamom100 16 
cardamom chalenium100
caribe confectionery glaze white (В)85
caribe Drop (v)90
carmoisine TULA (red)0
carnation100 6 
carnation melena0
carob powder unroasted94
carrageenan / Rondagel /88
carrot cooking69 2 
carrot jam69
carrot juice10 4 
carrot juice15.4
carrot powder86
carrot puree8 1 
carrot puree10 2 
carrot straws8.3
carrot syrup68 3 
carrot syrup70 1 
cashew kernel94.7
cashew kernel95
cashew kernels urbech97
cashew nut mass99 5 
CB fillet26.9
cereal balls in 3 types of chocolate 17/09/17 (mini)95
cereal dragee in colored glaze96
cereal dragee in white confectionery glaze95
cereal mix 4 PS86
cereals with chocolate99
chechil cheese (pigtail)35
cheddar cheese61.5
cheese56 1 
cheese70 1 
cheese additive94
cheese "Buko"100
cheesecake flavor0
cheese-cream sauce SoyuzSnab56
cheese "Dutch bar the weight ratio of fat 45%"56
cheese filling "Chizzy" [Backaldrin]86
cheese flavor0
cheese (from sheep milk)47
cheese GALBANI Mascarpone, 500g BZMZH75
cheese Mix88
cheese sauce0
chees Feta48
cherries are freshly frozen12.8
cherries in syrup80 4 
Cherries, maraschino42.7
cherries taken out of alcohol25 3 
cherries taken out of the tincture17 1 
cherries taken out of the tincture19 1 
cherry compote (v)65
cherry confiture ..67
cherry cured82
cherry essence0 21 
cherry extract54 1 
cherry filling60
cherry filling70
cherry filling 6565
cherry filling ADOEV65
cherry filling K-70 [Odoevsky canned food]45
cherry filling (thermostable)40
"Cherry" filling, unsterilized, thermostable with pieces45
cherry filling with chunks (Jam Empire)42
cherry filling with pieces [Odoevsky canned food]45
cherry flavor0
cherry-flavored filling73
cherry flavoring0
cherry flavor R 25810
cherry Foundation97 2 
cherry fruitfil65
cherry in gel (V)65
cherry jam0
cherry jam43
cherry jam66
cherry jam72 3 
cherry juice12 1 
cherry juice15
cherry liqueur40 4 
cherry liqueur61.3
cherry plum11
cherry plum69 1 
cherry plum puree10 1 
cherry plum taken out of alcohol25 1 
cherry podvarka69 9 
cherry punch40 2 
cherry puree10 8 
cherry red17 1 
cherry red74 2 
cherry red80
cherry s / m11.8
cherry supply70 4 
cherry syrup70 2 
cherry tincture0 4 
cherry tincture in alcohol0 1 
cherry tomatoes confit0
cherry with a sprig cocktail80
cherry with a twig Red cocktail38
chia seeds99
Chia seeds94.2
chia seeds 196
chia Seeds Naturacereal92.2
chicken bouillon85
chicken breast (fillet)27
chicken caesar (breast)0
chicken egg25.9
chicken egg27
chicken egg category 127
chicken eggs27 128 
chicken fillet0
chicken fillet27
chicken fillet cubes thawed22.5
chicken "Ham" MP0
chicken leg33.4
chicken leg b / c0
chicken liver33
chicken meat cooked juicy sliced frozen25
chicory0 1 
chicory syrup [Felicata]0
chief-cake mix for chocolate biscuit (concentrate) [Bargus] 4В2020282
chiffon (B)95
chilled and frozen poultry sausage ham "Uyezdnaya"27.2
chocolate99.2 1 
chocolate99.3 65 
chocolate99.4 59 
chocolate and White Chocolate Blend (Barry Callebaut, Belgium)99
chocolate (Ariba Fondente discs) thk99.1
chocolate Ariba Fondente Disks99
chocolate (Bai Chunks Fondenti)99
chocolate beelij JF 30% cocoa butter97.3
chocolate Biscuit Mix87
chocolate butter84 1 
chocolate chips85
chocolate chips98.5
chocolate chips [TRIER IREKS "Martin Brown"]95.5
chocolate chips (white)99
chocolate "CLASSIC 433" dark powder98
chocolate coating-cream "Shokodel" [Factory of sweet decor]99
chocolate confectionery glaze (KF)0
chocolate confectionery glaze sprinkling "Vermicelli"99
chocolate couverture dark 53% in disks [AROSA]99
chocolate cream73.5
chocolate cream K73.5
chocolate crumb99
chocolate crumb dark98
chocolate crumb (dark)99
chocolate dark mass CHD-DR-11Q11RU-41199
chocolate decoration (white sheet) tkhk99.1
chocolate drops96
chocolate drops98
chocolate drops98.8
chocolate drops "Charlie Deco Dark" (N)98.7
chocolate "Extra with milk"99.2 9 
chocolate filling60.8
chocolate flavor0
chocolate fondant Caravella Cover Cocao46
chocolate fondant white Caravella Cover White49
chocolate gel68
chocolate gel70
chocolate gel "Royal Mirror"71
chocolate glaze99
chocolate glaze99.1 431 
chocolate glaze99.2
chocolate glaze (chips)96
chocolate glaze (white)99.1
chocolate icing ..99
chocolate icing "Classic" 43299
chocolate icing "Green leaf"99.1
chocolate icing Stimul98
chocolate M-6CHR8-P-473 powder98
chocolate mass 580 (for ice cream) "Classic"98
chocolate Master Martini (ariba fond diamante 72%) dark chocolate99
chocolate-milk frosting (raw)98.9 3 
chocolate-nut filling Kargil99
chocolate-nut paste97
chocolate powder CHD98
chocolate semi-finished product99.3 10 
chocolate shavings75
chocolate straws99.1
chocolate thc foundation96
chocolate truffle (non-solidifying) ..99
chocolate white99
chocolate with the relish of B.K.99.4
chokeberry jam77.8
chokeberry puree10 7 
chokeberry supply70 1 
chokeberry, taken out of alcohol15 1 
chokeberry tincture0 1 
chopped dried apricots80 1 
chopped hazelnut kernel94 2 
chopped melon75 1 
chopped olives30
chopped oranges75 1 
chopped parsley0
chopped roasted walnuts97
chopped steamed oats86
chornitsya yogurt30.05
chorrizo food supplement94
churning paste50
churning paste52 2 
churning paste65
churning paste [green lines]42
churning paste (NMZhK) (*)30
ciabatta mixture (flour composite mixture)14
ciabatta Plus91.6
ciabatta Profi 1985
cilantro seed93 2 
cinnamon88 4 
cinnamon100 46 
cinnamon essence0 3 
cinnamon flavoring0
cinnamon sticks100
cipollino cookies96
citric acid (E330)91.2 479 
citric acid (E330)92
citric acid (E330)98 161 
citric acid (91.3%)91.3
citrus brew69 17 
citrus essence0 73 
citrus essence 4x.0
citrus fiber98.3
citrus jam72 1 
citrus pectin90 1 
citrus pectin (E440)92 49 
citrus puree10 4 
citrus supply60 3 
"Claro" gelling powder .. (*)63
classic Apricot (v)45
classic banana45
classic cracker with salt96
classic Lemon (V)70
classic Mango (v)45
classic orange (V)45
classic pear (V)71
classic Pineapple (V)45
classic raspberry (V)50
classic Raspberry (V)73
classic refined syrup78
classic strawberry70
coating cream Mirabella98
cocktail cherry in syrup80
cocoa Ariba Cacao Amaro 22 \ 2495
cocoa-butter [cocoa butter]99.9
cocoa-butter [cocoa butter]100 232 
cocoa butter equivalent99.7
cocoa butter equivalent "Shocklin"99.9
cocoa butter substitute99.9
cocoa butter substitute My100
cocoa butter substitute My 227099.9
cocoa butter substitute WILLARINE 8800.1
cocoa cake95 9 
cocoa-containing confectionery glaze "TOPKOVER chocolate disks"99
cocoa cream paste ..81.4
cocoa cream "Shocobella"99
cocoaella94 9 
cocoaella ground94 1 
cocoa fiber90
cocoa filling B.K14199
cocoa liquor "Ghana"97.8 4 
cocoa liquor "Grenada"97.8 1 
cocoa mass97.4 110 
cocoa mass97.8 93 
cocoa mass98
cocoa mass98.6 1 
cocoa mass (Arosa)99.9
cocoa mass "Ceylon"97.8 3 
cocoa mass "Ecuador"97.8 4 
cocoa mass (Peru)98.37
cocoa mass [the weight ratio of fat , more than 50%]98.5
cocoa mass "Trinidat"97.8 2 
cocoa MP95
cocoa nibs97.2 1 
cocoa nibs99
cocoa paste77.7
cocoa powder0
cocoa powder95 399 
cocoa powder99.7
cocoa powder ..92.5
cocoa powder [4]94
cocoa powder [B]94
cocoa powder [Ghana, GP-100 brand]95
cocoa powder "Otter"95
cocoa powder Tulip 4000
cocoa stranded97.5 1 
coconut cream71
coconut essence0
coconut flakes95
coconut flakes97
coconut flakes97.5
coconut flakes98
coconut flakes98
coconut flakes Medium97
coconut flakes Medium (v)97
coconut flavoring R 65720
coconut flour95
coconut flour95
coconut milk32.38
coconut milk32.4
coconut milk powder, vegan [Grosseri]0
coconut oil99
coconut oil99.85
coconut oil99.9
coconut oil100 88 
coconut puree (RaviFruit)13.5
coconut sprinkle98 38 
coconut sugar98
cocovella oil99.8
coffee aroma Nescafe ASN 429 Teresa Inter0
coffee flavor0
coffee paste95 1 
cognac0 207 
cognac (B)35
cognac or dessert wine0 42 
cola nut powder88 1 
cold application gel "Baston Caramel"55
cold application gel "Baston Neutral"55
cold application gel "Boston" with cherry flavor65
cold application gel "Boston" with Kiwi flavor "65
cold-applied confectionery gel "With strawberry flavor"64
cold Cream96 1 
cold cream "Royal"99
coldfill with vanilla flavor35
coldfil Vanilla (sample No. 1)55
cold Gel Boston Strawberry Flavor65
cold gel with caramel flavor64
cold preparation gel "Neutral" ..67
colored confectionery glaze90
colored glaze (Master Martini) centramerika orange99
colored glaze (Master Martini) centramerika strawberry99
colored sugar powder *100
colored vermicelli sprinkle99.85 2 
colorful vermicelli MIX 6 (balls)95
com. food add. "K 2000 Lemon"0
com. food add. "Kolko"40
compacted apple puree16
complete food additive TopSweet Fruit Filling86
complex food additive "Cream" (*)98
complex food additive dye AQUANT Paprika 03290
complex food additive Dye "Luxomix" "Carmine" 003390
complex food additive - Improver DENFAI 30.04 "Pizza"80
complex food supplement "4 cheeses" DelAr (*)88
complex food supplement aromapasta Mokka (*)73.6
complex food supplement aromapasta Raspberry (*)57.5
complex food supplement Bacon90
complex food supplement "BIOPRO50"50
complex food supplement Biopro v-10095
complex food supplement "CHEESE" (*)80
complex food supplement "Crab"88
complex food supplement Geleon [Soyuzsnab] (*)85
complex food supplement hot cooking cream COLLECTED86
complex food supplement "Italian cheese"88
complex food supplement Kolko (*)20
composite emulsifier "In-Cake DMG20
compote apples17 3 
compote Paradise apples VTs18
compote Peaches halves VTs17
compote syrup17 3 
compote syrup22 1 
compound "Banana"65
compound-filler "Bird cherry"50
compound-filler "Blueberry"50
compound "Mango"62
compound "Raspberry"62
concentrate Alliance plombier with walnuts95
concentrated annatto dye (E160b)100 2 
concentrated apple juice70 2 
concentrated confectionery coating glaze [puratos Armoni Neutral]62
concentrated dry mixture for preparing various types of biscuit "BISKA MULTI BASE"86
concentrated grape juice70 1 
concentrated juice from black carrot and elderberry "Cherry Red" _СО3046230
concentrated milk 190
concentrated milk serum65 2 
concentrated milk whey (with sugar)52.5 1 
concentrated mixture for butter chocolate biscuit No. 3020
concentrated mixture for chocolate biscuit No. 2020
concentrated mixture for muffins No. 50482
concentrated Paste Mango70
concentrate food "Astri Cold Cream" [TRIER]95
concentrate food "Astri Cream yogurt" [TRIER]95
cond.decor sprinkling "Balls" red / rose pearl (2mm)97
condensed boiled milk "Odoevskoe"72
condensed buttermilk with sugar70 2 
condensed canned food m / s with sugar and milk fat substitute with mdzh. 8.5%70
condensed cheese whey40 3 
condensed cream with sugar76.1 1 
condensed curd whey with sugar75 2 
condensed low-fat milk with sugar66.6
condensed low-fat milk with sugar and malt extract70 1 
condensed milk0
condensed milk70
condensed milk 7%70
condensed milk boiled 11%73.5
condensed milk boiled 12%71
condensed milk-containing canned food with sugar74
condensed milk Egorka0
condensed milk flavoring0
condensed milk product with sugar, vanilla-creamy aroma70
condensed milk product with sugar VTs72.5
condensed milk (V)70
condensed milk whey40 9 
condensed milk whey with sugar70 1 
condensed milk with sugar Korenovskaya 8.5%71.7
condensed skim milk with sugar70
condensed whole milk with sugar boiled81 3 
condensed whole milk with sugar, boiled74 4 
condensed whole milk with sugar the weight ratio of fat 8.5%73.5
condiments and spices: Dried beets86
condit mixture. dry for biscuit with chocolate flavor (concentrate) Bargus92
confectionery colored glaze Centramerika with strawberry flavor94
confectionery cream 28%40
confectionery cream "Boiled condensed milk" Borskaya 8.5%70
confectionery decorative sprinkling97
confectionery fat99.7 132 
confectionery fat99.9
confectionery fat Ecolad99.9
confectionery fat "Econfe" 1203-3499.9
confectionery fat Oilprime 1003-32 М Non-lauric99.9
confectionery filling based on milk whey "Boiled Condensed Milk"71
confectionery filling boiled condensed milk74
confectionery filling "Boiled condensed milk"70
confectionery filling "Classic" with vk. caramel with mdzh 12%73.5
confectionery filling "Condensed milk" 8.5%66
confectionery filling "Salted caramel" (Pekarevo)65
confectionery filling "Varenka. Condensed milk boiled with sugar"73
confectionery filling with taste "Apricot"65
confectionery filling with vanilla-creamy taste ADOEV60
confectionery gel "Blueberry"72
confectionery gel "dark"72
confectionery gel "Lemon"72
confectionery gel mirror "Delli Gel Chocolate"62
confectionery gel "Moire chocolate"63
confectionery gel "Neutral"72
confectionery gel of cold application "With vanilla flavor"64
confectionery gel "Strawberry" MT72
confectionery gel "white"72
confectionery gel with taste "Caramel"72
confectionery gel with taste "Strawberry"72
confectionery glaze96.1
confectionery glaze98.7
confectionery glaze99.1
confectionery glaze 06.1.27298.5
confectionery glaze 146 (glazing)99
confectionery glaze 170/31698.5
confectionery glaze [2]98.5
confectionery glaze 40998.8
confectionery glaze 41.01.498
confectionery glaze "B1" drops99
confectionery glaze "Classic" "148"98
confectionery glaze "Classic" 149 (drops) [Green lines]98
confectionery glaze Classic 647 (selected thermal drops)98
confectionery glaze (dark)98.5
confectionery glaze (dark)99.1
confectionery glaze "dark" MT99
confectionery glaze (dropsy) Inforum-Prom98.5
confectionery glaze Elin 30 * 08 "Extra" Semi-finished product [KR]97
confectionery glaze IND-N1737-D6299
confectionery glaze [MASTERLINE Kondi 407L]98.5
confectionery glaze "Mir 322/4" (N)98.7
confectionery glaze No. 14398.8
confectionery glaze P99.1
confectionery glaze PROFI-GLACE DARK No. 498.5
confectionery glaze (syrup) "Miruar White"48
confectionery glaze (tkhk)99.1
confectionery glaze "Truffle" Dark glazing (Belga)98.9
confectionery glaze w99.1
confectionery glaze white99
confectionery glaze white99.1
confectionery glaze white99.5
confectionery glaze (white)98.5
confectionery glaze white G11 glazing (Belga)98.8
confectionery glaze "white" MT99
confectionery icing for cookies "Freckles"88.5
confectionery icing with apple flavor [Master-Cake, "Shokomilk"]98.9
confectionery icing with crème brulee flavor [Master-Cake, Shokomilk]98.9
confectionery icing with orange flavor99.25
confectionery icing with orange flavor [Master-Cake, "Shokomilk"]98.9
confectionery improver "Russian"42
confectionery lipstick88
confectionery mass "805 white Classic" (plates)99
confectionery mass p.f. 220 (dark filling)99
confectionery mass p.f. 232 (white filling)99
confectionery mix "Currant muffin" tkhk86
confectionery paste "Mazilla"0
confectionery paste "Varenka" Classic with a fat mass fraction of 8.5%70.2
confectionery semi-finished product - mix "Creamy croissant 10%95
confectionery sprinkles "Curly" (heart, Mix No. 12) [2]97
confiture80 6 
confiture "Apricot" Adoev60
confiture Apricot T60
confiture "Blueberry" Adoev60
confiture Cherry [delicious]68
confiture Lemon69.7
confiture Lux KT70 "Apple with cinnamon"34
confiture "Orange with carrot" 88869
confiture "Peach"0
confiture "Pineapple - Orange" Premiere N45
confiture "Raspberry with apple T"69
confiture "Strawberry with apple" T68
confiture T75
confiture "T"35
confiture with lingonberry flavor65
cooked sausage meat products of category B "Dairy" sausages; ART 5900535
cookie crumb94 2 
cookie crumb95 1 
cookie crumb95.5 1 
cookie mix "Kukmix LS" (N)93
cookies Macaroon Strawberry 25g96.2
cooking salt solution20 1 
cooling effect flavor0
corduroy additive94
cored Dried Apples82 1 
coriander grain88
coriander melenium100
coriandr nasinnya91.14
cornel essence0 6 
cornelian podvarka69 1 
cornel liqueur40 1 
cornel puree10 3 
cornfield bread orbit86
cornflakes95 2 
cornflakes95 5 
corn flakes ТЧН95
corn flour0
corn flour85.5 2 
corn flour86
corn flour [2]86
corn flour D89
corn grain0
corn grits86
corn grits (Vigers)86
corn mix15
corn mix85.5
corn oil99.9
corn oil100 4 
corn starch0
corn starch86
corn starch87 100 
corn starch87
corn starch [supplier bang bonsomer]86
corn sticks70
corn sticks cereal94 4 
corn syrup79
cortina white chocolate97.2
cottage cheese27
cottage cheese 18% fat35 4 
cottage cheese 18% fat38
cottage cheese 1.8% fat 88816
cottage cheese 20% fat39 1 
cottage cheese 2% "DAKGOMZ"23.3
cottage cheese 5%;0
cottage cheese 5% fat25
cottage cheese 7%22.5
cottage cheese 9%0
cottage cheese 9% fat, premium grade27 5 
cottage cheese 9% [GOST 31453-2013]27
cottage cheese "Sernur ricotta"50
cottage cheese with 5% fat mass fraction Yant25
cover Mango passionfruit32
crab sticks30
craftcorn Profi 1985
cranberries mashed with sugar54 1 
cranberries mashed with sugar63 1 
cranberry15 1 
cranberry essence0 14 
cranberry filler VTS53.5
cranberry flavor0
cranberry flavor 6510090
cranberry-flavored applesauce filling68
cranberry jam72 8 
cranberry jam syrup72 1 
cranberry puree7 2 
cranberry puree10 7 
cranberry soup69 7 
cream 10% fat14
cream 20% fat27.2
cream 20% fat30 2 
cream 26%30
cream 33%0
cream 33% fat39.2
cream 33% fat [Metro Chef]38.4
cream 35% fat41
cream Authentic97
cream based on rast. cream and cream belly. origin "PrimaNatKrem"35
cream based on vegetable fats "PrimaNatKrem"65
cream "Boiled condensed milk" "Premium" 1267
cream "CARAVELLA COVER WHITE". (Caravel Carpet White)99
cream Caravella Fluifur99
cream Caravella Fluifur Hazelnat (nohola)95.2
cream "Carmona"96 1 
cream cheese28.1
cream cheese62
cream cheese curd PROFI CHEESE not less than 68%40
cream cheese Kolomna62
cream cheese (v)45
cream "Condensed milk boiled 8.5%" Gummy70
cream cream "Whipping cream" cream Petmol?40
cream cream "Whipping cream" ultra-pasteurized the weight ratio of fat 33%39
cream dessert chocolate53
cream "Ducatto" No. 102 on vegetable oils, ultra-pasteurized35
cream "Ducatto" No. 302 on vegetable oils ultra. 26% f44
cream "Ducatto" with vegetable oil85
cream filling "Alpine chocolate" Belgostar96.3
cream filling "Shokodel" white98.9
cream filling "Twist" Poppy50
cream filling "Twist" with banana flavor [Sweet Decor Factory]52
cream filling "Twist" with ice cream flavor [Factory of Sweet Decor]52
cream filling "Twist" with mango flavor [Sweet Decor Factory]52
cream filling "Twist" with pistachio flavor [Sweet Decor Factory]52
cream filling "Twist" with Sour Cream flavor50
cream filling "Twist" with tiramisu flavor [Factory of Sweet Decor]52
cream filling ultim Chocolate - cherry (Puratos)90
cream filling with cheese flavor [Puratos]55
cream filling with vanilla taste TS thermostable (8/32)68
cream for fillings and coatings "Novella Chocolate"98
cream for whipping "Chef Dukat" Professional with vegetable oils [LLC "Alexandria"]37
cream "Lie" dry95 2 
cream margarine (Jay-Elan)84
creamMix "Creamy aroma"64
creamMix "Curd flavor filling"64
creamMix "Strawberry flavor"65
cream mix Vanilla64
cream of tartar0
cream on accretion oils35.2
cream on accretion oils41.6
cream on vegetable oils "Aribel"35
cream on vegetable oils "Curl"41
cream on vegetable oils "Decor Up" tkhk40
cream on vegetable oils Del Ar 26% Lux40
cream on vegetable oils Ducatto 30243
cream on vegetable oils "Ductto"0
cream on vegetable oils "Excelante"29.8
cream on vegetable oils - filling "Chocolate" (Ducat)53
cream on vegetable oils for whipping "Bellaria" tkhk36
cream on vegetable oils for whipping "Temptation" the weight ratio of fat 27%35
cream on vegetable oils "Lux" milk caramel 06-0769
cream on vegetable oils "Lux" "Varenka" 07-15T69
Cream on vegetable oils Master Gourmet (Unigra)35
cream on vegetable oils MiLK 10%75
cream on vegetable oils "Milk Condensed Milk" 05-17 with mdzh. ten%55
cream on vegetable oils "Passionata"35.6
cream on vegetable oils pasteurized "Aribel" with mdzh 26%35
cream on vegetable oils "Shantipak"42 3 
cream on vegetable oils Shantipak (Bargus)41.5
cream on vegetable oils "Snowpack"41.5
cream on vegetable oils "Sunset Glaze Neo"22.9
cream on vegetable oils "Sunset Glaze Neo" 20P18.6
cream "Patmol" 33%40
cream Prima NatCream 1935
cream "Profi-Cover Chocolate-Hazelnut Lux"99
Cream "Profi-Cover Milk"99
cream "Rich" (bitter cream)39.8 1 
cream "Rich" (Bitter cream)39.8 2 
cream "Shogana" dark ("Martin Braun Backmittel and Essenzen KG")99
cream stabilizer98
cream stabilizer (B)95
cream stabilizer "Bavaria" fruit99
cream stabilizing mixture "Sour cream flavor"90
cream Standard0
cream substitute "Temptation"40
cream the weight ratio of fat 22% [Petmol]28.1
cream with vegetable oils "Ambiante"44.7
cream with vegetable oils "banana cream"35
cream with vegetable oils Passionata31.5
creamy cream63
creamy curd cheese with the weight ratio of fat in dry matter 62% TM "Miletto" without fillers62
creamy filling72.3
creamy flavored filling with cottage cheese flavor60
"creamy" (ice cream)65
creamy margarine83.8
creamy margarine84 1 
creamy nougat (Art)98
creamy sour cream72
creamy ultra-pasteurized cream "Whipping cream" mdzh 35% (Parmalat)39
creamy vegetable product VTS84
credit Cake Inagro89
credit Cake Oatmeal Cookies86
cremefil with caramel flavor60.4
cremette cheese0
cremetto cheese72
cremfil ultim chocolate-orange 128558
cremfil ultim with dark chocolate 128755
cremfil with coconut flavor55
cremina (B)95
cremiola mix90
cremphil Plombir (m)52
cremphil with cranberry flavor55
crispy milk chocolate balls Barru Callebaut94
crocant Almond 1980
crocant Caramel Fleur de Sille 1980
crocant Lemon meringue 1980
crocant Pistachio 1980
crocant Speculus 1980
crocant White chocolate 1975
crocant White chocolate with red fruit pieces 1980
croissant fix 10% 1986
croissant mix0
crumb PF cheese bisque (Tiramisu)85
crunchy Salted Caramel (Art)99.1
crushed apricot filling67
crushed apricot filling [Odoevsky canned food]45
crushed cocoa beans 190
crushed corn sticks94 2 
crushed dried sunflower kernels96 1 
crushed lemon fruit10 2 
crushed peanuts 3-5 mm92.1
crushed roasted peanuts98
crushed roasted peanuts [2]97
crushed roasted peanuts 3-5mm92
crushed roasted pistachio 2-4 mm (Jolie)80
crushed roasted pistachio 3 * 596
crushed rye malt "Kalyamalas"92
crushed waffles95.5 9 
crystaline gel70
crystalline fructose99.5
crystalline menthol0 2 
crystal vanillin100
cubes "Creamy caramel"91.5
culinary fat99.7 25 
cumin seeds90
cupcake Finishing Crumb88.71
curd 722 flavoring0
curd 9% GOST (Slavmo)0
curd biscuit (Estero-Product mix)86.7
curd cheese60
curd cheese DenCheese "Lux [К]65
curd cremphil (V)75
curd filler60.8
curd flavoring0
curd Foundation (Estero-product)95.4
curdled milk11.5 1 
curd mass (B)76
curd product (18% fat)38
curd product 18% Milavita38
curd product / Curd filling for baking /0
curd product "Favorit" UMK35
curd product "MilaVita" No. 18 with milk fat substitute with mdzh 28% [Sweet House]0
curd product with ZMZH with vanilla aroma (the weight ratio of fat 23%)34
curd whey condensed85 1 
curls milky Barry Callebaut0
currant jam 88855
currant s / m (KF)16.4
currant willow86
curry spices90.5
cusipack vegetable oil cream29
custard cream (Estero)94.8
custard cream JF98
custard cream with cottage cheese flavor55
custard mix97
custard mix Tank Mix Eclair85
custard pasta "Inventis" "Riga dark"40
custard Vanilla Cream (Art)96
cuttings from semi-finished cakes and pastries74 9 
cuttlefish ink0
cybula is browned13.5
dairy component dry "Caramelized"96
dairy cream "Brise" UHT20
dairy product Caramel80
danilovskie sausages0
danube donut concentrate88
dark beer10
dark beer (the share of dry ingredients in the original wort is 20%)15
dark chocolate0
dark chocolate 44% drops [AROSA]98.8
dark chocolate 72%100
dark chocolate Astri0
dark chocolate discs 58% cocoa99
dark chocolate discs 70% cocoa99
dark chocolate flakes SPLIT-4-D-41399
dark chocolate for molding99.3
dark chocolate icing in discs [Arosa]99
dark chocolate mass "Barry Callebaut". CHD-Q11RU-41199
"Dark chocolate pieces" (DonFoodsRus)99
dark chocolate, sticks. ALT 14498.5
dark chocolate tm. GLF Sahara Fondente Dischi 36/3887.5
dark confectionery glaze98
dark confectionery glaze99
dark confectionery glaze "BELGOSTAR"99.5
dark confectionery glaze MM99
dark couverture "Fehmarn" (Art)99
"dark" decorative sugar topping97
dark Flaxseed Urbech97
dark glaze (coins)99
dark glaze (watering)98.5
dark Soft 50 Estero tkhk92
dark thermostable chocolate (pieces)99
dates b / c80
DCL yeast95
deactivated dry baking yeast "Baker s bonus" RS 190 star "94
decofil blueberry with cream 88848
decofil with orange flavor48
decorating chocolate. silver CONFETTI95.5
decoration Cocoa Powder Bukao94.3
decoration Filigree99.1
decoration Gel (Jelly)20
decoration Icing Sugar Powder99.5
decoration made of chocolate (marble leaf) tkhk99.1
decorative chocolate topping99.1 1 
decorative cold gel. cooking "Pastel chocolate" tkhk65
decorative cold gel. cooking "Pastel white" tkhk65
decorative cold gel "Pastel Neutral"67
decorative confectionery sprinkles "Balls" pearl blue97
decorative confectionery sprinkles "Balls" pearls pink97
decorative confectionery sprinkles "Curly" hearts red-white (mini) Top Product LLC97
decorative confectionery sprinkles "Curly" Kingdom of chewing gum97
decorative confectionery sprinkles "Figured" multicolored stars (mini) Top Product LLC97
decorative confectionery sprinkles "Red hearts (large)"97.5
decorative confectionery sprinkles "Red hearts (mini)"94.5
decorative confectionery sprinkling "Azure Suite"97
decorative gel cold preparation "Pastel caramel"67
decorative gel cold preparation "Pastel cherry"67
decorative gel, cold preparation with chocolate aroma M67
decorative multicolored sugar sprinkling95
decorative sprinkles "Curly" golden balls mini97
decorative sprinkles "Curly" mother-of-pearl balls97
decorative sprinkles "Curly" pink confetti97
decorative sprinkles "Curly" stars blue mother-of-pearl97
decorative sprinkles "Curly" stars lilac97
decorative sprinkles "Curly" yellow balls97
decorative sprinkles "Curly" yellow mother-of-pearl balls97
decorative sprinkling PROFI-DAYS VERMICHEL WHITE98.5
decorative sprinkling Profi-decor99
decorative sugar topping "white"97
decor Chocolate Chips99
decor "Chocolate Granules" (Art)98.29
decor Chocolate Vermicelli99
decor confectionery top gel66
decorcrem Dark 52098.5
decorcrem White 52098.5
decorfil Mango Passion Fruit48
decorfil orange48
decorfil strawberry (v)48
decorfil white48
decorfil with cherry flavor (V)48
decorfil with lemon flavor48
decor from chocolate glaze99.1
decorgel white70
decorgel with caramel flavor (*)70
decorgel with cherry flavor (*)68
decorgel with strawberry flavor (*)68
decor-powder "Bukaneve" (non-fading)99.85
dehydrated cherries100 1 
Dehydrated milk fat "S-I-05280"99.8
dekorgel with chocolate flavor (*)60
del ar marmalade balls with cherry flavor70
delhi cheesecake42
delhi Coffee (v)45
delhi "curd cheese" [Puratos]48
delhi iris (v)45
delhi lemon (B)65
delhi lemon (B)75
delhi lemon filling65
delhi Mac (B)65
delhi Marzipan0
delhi with toffee flavor68
delhi yogurt65
delhi Yogurt70
delphia Basis Hefeteig 1990
delphia Effect Neutral 1995
delphia Kaltkrem 1993
denCheese Lux curd cheese40
DENFAI Eco-freshness improver 10.0580
denfay Mix 26.0380
denfay whipping emulsifier "Premium Super 11.01"58.63
denfruit BBQ sauce42
dessert airy apricot-mango "Lakominka"55
dessert chocolate cream with nut flavor53
dessert cream MOUSSE COCOA97
dessert cream with caramel flavor54
dessert cream with ice cream flavor53
dessert cream with orange flavor53
dessert cream with peanut butter flavor53
dessert cream with tiramisu flavor53
dessert filler cocoa-nut No. 5 (Belga)98.7
dessert improver PF87
dessert mango pasta56
dessert mass with vanilla55
dessert milk filler No. 7 (Belga)98.6
dessert pasta69
dessert pasta Cookies and caramel pasta62
dessert pasta Creme brulee65
dessert pasta Forest berry53
dessert pasta grapefruit45
dessert pasta Grapefruit64
dessert pasta LatteMu (V)76
dessert pasta mascarpone78
dessert pasta Melon45
dessert pasta Raspberry (V)56
dessert pasta Stracciatella78
dessert pasta Strawberry52
dessert pasta Tiramisu76
dessert pasta Watermelon45
dessert pasta Whiskey45
dessert pasta wild berries (B)45
dessert pasta Zabaion40.5
dessert paste Blackberry (V)70
dessert paste Chewing gum45
dessert paste Peach (V)78
dessert pistachio pasta45
dessert wine35.9
dextrin95 2 
dextrose monohydrate90.8
dicalcium diphosphate (E450(vi))99
dietary fiber 200 Union Snack88
dietary fiber apple Sanacel AF 40192
dietary fiber citrus92
dietary fiber Sanacel Wheat 9093.5
dietary fiber wheat Sanacel Wheat 200 [Soyuznab, Sweet House]93.5
dietary plant fiber92
different dye0 5 
disodium diphosphate (E450(i))99.5
disodium phosphate (E339(ii))39.7 3 
disodium pyrophosphate 28 SAPP (KF)95
disodium pyrophosphate, E450i, SAPP 40195
disodium pyrophosphate SAPP 2895
distilled glycerin (E422)99.5
dogwood jam73.7
dora Blend89
dor blue PECO cheese (BB)56
dough improver "YGB OPTIMIX"15
dragee cereal, exploded grains of rice (BRONZE)92
dragee cereal exploded grains of rice in a colored cond. glaze (pearl pink, silver, lilac)95.6
dragee cereal, exploded grains of rice in chocolate glaze (mix)93
dragee cereal exploded grains of rice in colored confectionery glaze (orange) 2-5mm91
dragee cereal exploded grains of rice in colored confectionery glaze (orange) 6-8mm91
dragee cereal exploded grains of rice in colored confectionery glaze (Silver)98.2
dragee chewing "Jelly Belly" assorted0
dragee chocolate "Multi-colored stones"0
dragee crispals at white chocolate100
dragee crispals in dark chocolate100
dragee crispals in milk chocolate *100
dragee Crispals in rhubarb chocolate100
dragee grain blasted grains of rice in colored confectionery glaze "Black coal" 2-5mm97
dragee grain exploded grains of rice in colored confectionery glaze "Red Pearl" 2-5mm97
dragee grain exploded grains of rice in colored confectionery glaze "Red Pearl" 6-8mm97
dragee grain exploded grains of rice in confectionery glaze (mix)91
dragee grain "Pearl" No. 125 (TK "Uralshok" LLC)97
dragee M & Ms "CRISPIE"99.8
dragee "Nonparelle"98.5 1 
dragee sugar - white pearl balls 8mm97
dried almond kernel96 32 
dried apple 10 mm cube92
dried apple [Karapuz] [2]80
dried apples85
dried apples cube94
dried apples (rings)78
dried apricot75
dried apricot80
dried apricot kernel96
dried apricots79.8
dried apricots80
dried apricots (dried apricot) 20
dried apricots (dried apricots)79.8 3 
dried apricots for decoration80
dried apricots (pitted)80
dried bananas85
dried banana sliced85
dried basil92
dried basil D91
dried beets88
dried black currant0
dried buckwheat sprouts92
dried carrots95
dried carrots 88894
dried carrots [Resource Market]0
dried cashew kernel96 3 
dried cashew kernel96
dried cashew kernels LP96
dried cheese93 1 
dried cherries80
dried chopped almond kernel96 4 
dried coffee beans98
dried cranberries83.5
dried cranberries84
dried cranberries84
dried cut dates95
dried dates80
dried dates Sayer80
dried dill86
dried dill93.2
dried dill (30020)86
dried dried apricots80 1 
dried figs78
dried figs84
dried flour96 2 
dried fried onions85
dried fruits0
dried fruits99
dried garlic (powder)86
dried garlic (powder)92
dried ginger (candied fruit)85
dried goji berries76
dried grapes80
dried grapes82
dried grapes82
dried grapes (raisins)82 1 
dried grapes Raisins80
dried hazelnut kernel96 4 
dried herbs D92
dried lavender flowers99
dried lemon zest cube (bird cherry)0
dried lemon zest, cut, 5x5 mm0
dried melon70
dried mint87
dried onion86
dried onions87
dried onions92 1 
dried orange peel75
dried orange peel (candied fruit) - 1-3 mm83
dried oregano87
dried paprika86
dried parsley85
dried parsley94
dried parsley (30010)86
dried peaches80 1 
dried peaches in halves83
dried peanut kernels96 4 
dried peanut kernels96
dried peanut kernels97
dried peanut kernels n / a97
dried pineapple natural rings80
dried pineapples (candied fruits)83
dried pistachio kernel96
dried porcini mushrooms87
dried prunes75
dried raisins82 2 
dried raisins85 1 
dried raspberries pieces VTs93
dried rose petals99
dried sesame seeds96 1 
dried strawberries90
dried unfatted soy flour94 1 
dried vegetables: ground red paprika (C)86
dried vegetables (in pieces), tomatoes Industrial delivery86
dried vegetables in pieces (tomatoes). Industrial delivery86
dried walnut kernel97
drinking milk 3.2%12.5
drinking milk ultrapasterez. with mdzh 3.5%11.5
dry baking yeast92.5
dry cheese whey96
dry cherry flavor0
Dry chocolate filling Mr. Pampushkin14
dry cold prigotuvannya cream "Royal"99
dry confectionery mix Chief-cake for the main biscuit Bargus88
dry confectionery mix ND PRIME "Bachenmix" - Muffin "Classic"85
dry confectionery mix ND PRIME "Bachenmix" - Muffin classic "Chocolate"85
dry confectionery mix ND PRIME "Bachenmix" - Muffin "Vita"85
dry confectionery mix ND PRIME "Bachenmix" - Oil biscuit "Red Velvet"85
dry confectionery mix ND PRIME "Bachenmix" protein89
dry confectionery mix ND PRIME "Crememix" Stylizer Cream (Plombir)85
dry cottage cheese D95
dry cream94 3 
dry cream96 36 
dry cream ()90
dry cream "Dream"97 3 
dry cream "Lie"95 1 
dry cream Sovran (Irca)88
dry dye0
dry egg white91 2 
dry egg white92
dry egg white93
dry egg white94.8
dry egg white without enzyme95
dry egg yolk92.5
dry egg yolk95
dry egg yolk95
dry egg yolk96.6 1 
dry egg yolk Cheryomushki95
dry fermented rye malt90
dry fermented rye malt92
dry food mixture "BOU DE QEJO"87
dry food mixture BOU DE QEJO87
dry food mixture "Fond Royal Neutral"92.5
dry food mixture "Fund Royal Citron"96.5
dry food mixture Grains Cereals82
dry fructose99.8
dry gel (90% dry weight)90
dry glucose0
drying "Tiny" for glazing87
dry melange95
dry milk-containing mixture Easy Soft Cake [Puratos]89
dry milk curd whey95 1 
dry milk whey95 8 
dry milk whey96
dry mix Akti-Fresh RO 1486
dry mix Albucvik96
dry mix "Alliance" - classic PLOMBIER concentrate [KD Margo]93.8
dry mix "Alliance" - Coconut concentrate with caramel [KD Margo]94.8
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate CAPPUCCINO K [KD Margo]94.5
dry mix Alliance concentrate Chocolate brownie K94.9
dry mix Alliance concentrate Chocolate roll (K)94.9
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate COCONUT KEKK [KD Margo]94.4
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate HONEY COOKIES95
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate MAFFIN CREAM K (CD Margo)94.9
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate MUFFIN CHOCOLATE [CD MARGO]92.8
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate MUFFIN CHOCOLATE K [KD Margo]93.5
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate MUFFIN CREAM (CD Margo)95
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate MUFFIN IN WAFFLE GLASS (CD Margo)94.5
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate MUFFIN IN WAFFLE GLASS K (CD Margo)94.5
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate Roll Strawberry with cream K [KD Margo]94.7
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate SAND IRIS93
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate SAND IRIS K93.5
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate SOCHEN [KD Margo]93
dry mix Alliance concentrate Vanilla roll (K)94.7
dry mix "Alliance" - concentrate Viennese waffles [KD Margo]95
dry mix "Alliance" - Corn concentrate [CD MARGO]94.6
dry mix "Alliance" - curd cake concentrate94
dry mix "Alliance" - curd cake K94
dry mix "Alliance" - Miranda concentrate [CD MIRANDA]94.8
dry mix "Alliance" - MUFFIN VANILLA94
dry mix "Alliance" - nut concentrate with caramel [KD Margo]94.9
dry mix "Alliance" - PLOMBIER concentrate with walnuts [KD Margo]95
dry mix "Alliance" - SAND CREAM [CD Margo]94
dry mix "Alliance" - SANDY creamy concentrate [KD Margo]94
dry mix "Arabella" apricot89.5
dry mix "Arabella" chocolate89.5
dry mix "Arabella" cottage cheese89.5
dry mix "Arabella" ice cream89.5
dry mix "Arabella" yogurt cherry89.5
dry mix "Arabella" yogurt plus89.5
dry mix "Atlanta" [BakeLab]92
dry mix Beikin Super78
dry mix Cheeseballs88
dry mix Ciabatta Bakaldrin85.5
dry mix "Credit cake rodeo"89
dry mix Cremico90.8
dry mix Cremilux91
dry mix Diana Light94.5
dry mix "Dora"91
dry mix Easy aktifresh dora yaki78
dry mix Easy Biscuit85.5
dry mix Easy Crispy Cake94
dry mix Easy Muffin88
dry mix Easy Muffin Choco88
dry mix Easy Vivakeik89
dry mix Evercake88
dry mix Fa Muffin with Pineapple flavor90
dry mix "Fa Zakher" [Factory of sweet decor]87
dry mix for biscuit "Fa Biscuit" [Factory of sweet decor]80
dry mix for biscuit "Talento biscuit"88
dry mix for creams "Paloma Blanca"90
dry mix for cream stabilization and production of soufflés and mousses "Profi-Yogurt Foundation"93.4
dry mix for making cream "Yogofresh" tkhk93
dry mix for making white confectionery gel90
dry mix for muffins Easy Plumcake89
dry mix for muffins "Muffinmix 3E25"95
dry mix for muffins "Muffinmix ZE 25" [Zealandia]91.2
dry mix for muffins with chocolate flavor "Muffinmix 25 chocolate" tkhk92.8
dry mix for soufflé "Biyanka Profi" [Zeelandia]96
dry mix for the preparation of bakery products Profi Pan 04015
dry mix for the preparation of bakery products Profi Pan 12015
dry mix for the preparation of bakery products Profi Pan 14085
dry mix for the preparation of bakery products Profi Pan 18085
dry mix for the preparation of flour confectionery "Shoko-Biscuit"88
dry mix for the preparation of flour confectionery [Shoko-Ryur]0
dry mix for the preparation of flour confectionery "Shoko-Ryur"88
dry mix for the preparation of Mella Lesnyak fillings [IREX]94
dry mix for the production of confectionery semi-finished products "Profi-Beyk Universal"91
dry mix for the production of flour confectionery "Currant velvet"86
dry mix for Versailles vanilla-creamy fondant98.5
dry mix for yeast donuts-baby donut mix95
dry mix Fructella86
dry mix Fructella 50 Estero83.1
dry mix Helda92
dry mix "Isella Tiramisu"93
dry mix Marathon92
dry mix "Marzipan filling"95
Dry mix "Mella gel neutral" for gelation of the surface of confectionery [TRIER]95.5
dry mix "Mella gel with cocoa" for gelation confectionery surfaces [TRIER]97
dry mix "Merenga"89
dry mix MilkyKing92
dry mix "Monabake" 60/0585
dry mix "Muffinmix 25 Chocolate"86
dry mix "Muffinmix 3E 25"86
dry mix Muffin "Vita"85
dry mix ND PRIME "Bachenmix" Classic muffin "Chocolate" with preservative85
dry mix ND PRIME "Bachenmix" Oil Muffin (with preservative)82
dry mix ND PRIME "Bachenmix" tender biscuit (Pumpkin concentrate 9%)91
dry mix Paloma Bavarua97
dry mix Paloma Blanca89
dry mix Paloma Florex95
dry mix Patis Macaroon90
dry mix Premium Cool-Bake93
dry mix "Proma Eclair"88
dry mix Purafix94
dry mix Rapido97
dry mix "SP American Muffin dark"88
dry mix "SP American Muffin Light"88
dry mix Summer waltz "Filling with taste of Curd T 102"95
dry mix Summer waltz T 10296
dry mix Tegral Almando94
dry mix Tegral biscuit89.5
dry mix Tegral Chiffon Cake89
dry mix Tegral Evercake Rico86
dry mix Tegral Moist Chocolate Cake88
dry mix Tegral Moist Vanilla Cake88
dry mix Tegral Ringo new89
dry mix Tegral Satin Cream Cake88.8
dry mix Tegral Satin Wholegrain Cupcake88.5
dry mix toffiking92
dry mixture CherryKing92
dry mixture "Fondant ALPEN pink"94
dry mixture "Fondant ALPEN white"94
dry mixture for making confectionery cream "With the taste of wild berries"0
dry mixture for making curd biscuit "Kvarki 40"92
dry mixture for preparation of finishing semi-finished products "Cream-souffle creamy"93
dry mixture for the preparation of flour confectionery "Biscuit concentrate" [TRIER]88
dry mixture for the preparation of "Sanissimo neutral" cream (v)99
dry mixture for the production of finishing p \ f "Sugar fondant"99.5
dry mixture for the production of flour confectionery "Montebiskvit" 12 / 05SH89
dry mixture "Fudge ALPEN dark"94
dry mixture "Montemix 45/01 W"86
dry mixture "Non-melting powder 111" Summer waltz (Soyuzsnab) (*)94.8
dry mix Tvomax86
dry mix "Yogoking"92
dry mix "Zi-Cream"89
dry mix Zi-Fond Tiramisu (VTs)97
dry mix "Ziisan Neutral" VTs97
dry mix "Ziisan Yogurt"95
dry peas86
dry perfume100 34 
dry perfume100 2 
dry pesto sauce (*)85
dry processed cheese90
dry protein192
dry protein "Macro-Sibin" (Art)95
dry protein mixture92 1 
dry protein mixture "Alisa"98
dry starter culture "PanUp Enzyme"90
dry sugarless egg white91
dry whey (the weight ratio of fat 0.5%)97
dry whipped cream "Shlagin"57.15 1 
dry yeast...96.5
dry yeast Gloripan86
dry yeast Gold Soft Instant0
drіzhі dry іnstantіnі hlіbopekarskі93
duchess flavoring0
durum flour from durum wheat, premium grade85.5
durum Puratos88
durum wheat84
durum wheat flour MK S85.5
durum wheat flour of the highest grade MK M85.5
durum wheat flour, premium grade85.2
dusting sugar, multicolored.MONPAREL98.2
dusty flour85.5
dutch cheese MP0
dutch cheese product60
dutch cheese, round60.7
dutch cheese, squared59.2
dye0 84 
dye 1099 Caramel COOF [Naturex LLC] (E150d)50
dye Anthocyanins E163 (E163)30
dye AQUABETIN Betacarotene 0200 V90
dye AQUANAT Annatto 003SP (*)10
dye aquanat carmine (E120)0
dye aquanat carmine 00450
dye aquanat paprika0
dye aquanat turmeric (E100(ii))0
dye aquanat turmeric 00090
dye beta-carotene (E160a)99.8
dye Beta-carotene Luxomix® 0001 [Bargus] (*)90
dye Beta-carotene Luxomix® [Bargus] (*)0
dye "Biocol Carbon" WS0775 (*)95
dye black shiny (E151)80
dye blue shiny (IR)0
dye brilliant black (E151)100
dye Brilliant blue FCF0
dye brown0
dye brown70
dye caramel color (E150a)0
dye carmoisine0
dye carmoisine0
dye carmoisine (E122)85
dye chocolate brown (E155)100
dye chocolate tula0
dye color sugar0
dye Copper complexes of chlorophylls К6207 (E141)94
dye fat-soluble dry Cake Colors99
dye gel black (TopProduct)28
dye gel blue (Top Product) (*)28
dye gel green (Top Product) (*)28
dye gel lilac (Top Product) (*)28
dye gel pink (raspberry) Top Product (*)28
dye gel red (Top Product) (*)28
dye gel yellow (Top Product) (*)28
dye "Green"0
dye green apple cos snab0
dye liquid blue0
dye liquid blue 10% OS K 101940
dye Michromy ™ Green [0311B ECO RESOURCE] (*)60
dye Micromovy ™ Red [0164В ECO RESOURCE] (*)60
dye Mihrom ™ Black [0604В ECO RESOURCE] (E153)60
dye natural copper complexes of chlorophylls (E141)0
dye natural green "Chlorophyll" K24706ws1
dye neolin ABP (annatto)0
dye neolin DK190
dye (orange) (E110)100
dye ponceau (E124)80
dye red0 1 
dye red and blue0 2 
dye red, blue and yellow0 1 
dye red charming (E129)100
dye red or yellow0 1 
dye shiny blue (E133)0
dye solar sunset0
dye solar sunset85
dye "Sugar color" (E150d)90
dye sugar color E 150d "Color"54.3
dye tartrazan diluted 5%0 1 
dye tartrazine (E102)0 11 
dye tartrazine (E102)85
dye tartrazine (yellow)0
dye Turmeric K7839 (E100(ii))0
dye Vegetable charcoal (CB 95.0) (E153)95
Dye Vegetable extract "Fruittokol blue" WS 09060
dye Е150а66.5
easy Berliner Blend89
easy Biscuit mix85.5
easy biscuit (v)88.5
easy brioche95
easy Clara Ultra Shoco85
easy Crispy Cake94
easy Crispy Cake95
easy Croissant 15%90
easy Karelia85
easy Muffin Blend86
easy muffin Choco95
easy Muffin Choco mix85
easy Patakrut92
easy Plumcake Mix89
easy software89
easy Vivacake Blend ...90
easy Vivakeik Blend90
ecolact fat99.9
ecolad fat99.9
ecolad milk fat99.9
econfe fat for sandwich99.9
edible fat K20699.9
edible fat К20799.9
edible sheet gelatin0
edible stone salt99.9
efficiency Aromaffix95
efficiency "Claro"95
efficiency emulsifier "Emulmiks 22"33
efficiency emulsifier "Emulmiks" 2745
efficiency Fruit Filling86
efficiency Improver Bakery "Inventis" "Soft" "Bread" (*)90
Efficiency Improver Panifarin93
efficiency NovaSOL COF10
efficiency NovaSOL E10
efficiency of Uni Super Stabil93
efficiency Paste SolPro72
efficiency Uni (liquid form)32
egg albumin0
egg melange pasteurized liquid chilled23.5
egg powder92.7
egg powder94 11 
egg powder95
egg powder (v)92
egg yolk liquid pasteurized43
ekouniversal table margarine, MT brand, 82% [EFKO 1803-32]82
elderberry dye0 1 
elderberry dye35 1 
emulsifier65 2 
emulsifier Alpha-gel MKI super50
emulsifier Alpha - gel mono20
emulsifier DenFay98.5
emulsifier Denfay 11.0133
emulsifier Dimodan0
emulsifier (dry 36 suppliers)36
emulsifier Dynavisc 289 (PGPR) [Soyuzsnab] (E476)98.5
emulsifier E47199
emulsifier E476 for glaze0
emulsifier "Emulmix 32"33
emulsifier Emulmix 88845
emulsifier Emulpals93
emulsifier "KVIK"99
emulsifier Lamekvik CE 85800
emulsifier Lamemul K2000K (E471)90
emulsifier Ovalet ..40
emulsifier Ovalet Super63
emulsifier Panodan0
emulsifier PGPR 9099.7
emulsifier Polygel D 3367
emulsifier Spangolit 4550
emulsifier Spongolit ® 45595
emulsifier "Vorozheya 5%"51
emulsifier Е472е99
emulsifying mixture "Spongolit 455" [BASF] (*)95
enhancer Denfay 17.02 "Croissants" [DENFAI® Green Lines] (*)80
enoc dye33 3 
eno-dye0 1 
enzymatic glucose90
enzyme for baking TopBake Fresh XL2 1%86
enzyme MGalfa90
enzyme neutralization0
enzyme pentopan0
enzyme preparation Alphamalt VС 5000 SN94.5
enzyme preparation BIOBAR® K10
enzyme preparation Fungamil 4000 SG90
enzyme preparation Gold Crust 33000
enzyme preparation: Novamil 3D BG (Novamyl 3D BG)94
enzyme preparation of proteolytic action "Veron B"90
enzyme preparation pentopan Mono BG92
enzyme preparation POWERFlex 610991
enzyme preparation "RusEnzyme Classic" (Ch)85
enzyme preparation RusEnzyme Juice85
enzyme preparation Rusenzym Tortilla85
erythritol (E968)98
essence0 343 
essence 4-fold0 2 
essence apricot0 11 
essence coffee0 13 
essence creamy0 2 
essence "Crimean apple"0 1 
essence honey0 12 
essence honey 4 times.0
essence of barberry0 7 
essence of cocoa0 1 
essence of cognac0 5 
essence of duchess0 6 
essence of fruit and berry0 14 
essence of rum0 121 
essence of rum 4-fold.0
essence orange0 52 
essence "Praline"0 1 
essence raspberry0 36 
essence "South"0 1 
essence strawberry0 28 
essence tangerine0 15 
essential lemon and orange oils0 1 
estero meringue and soufflé mix97.65
"Exotic FL 012" flavoring agent0
exploded buckwheat grains90
exploded buckwheat grains [2]90
exploded spelled grains89
expojel Base America 5085
extract Light Malt Extract77
extra salt99.9
extruded groats product95 3 
fabulosso filling23.6
farm cottage cheese VD35
farmer's cottage cheese 33% No. 948
fat "Butao-26"99.2 3 
fat cottage cheese 18% VD35
fat Econat 1004-3298.8
fat filling 300098.5
fat filling 500098.5
fat filling 700098.5
fat filling "Classic" with chocolate flavor 21598
fat filling "Praline type" "CLASSIC"98
fat filling "with taste Mocha 281" "CLASSIC"98
fat filling "with taste of Chocolate with nuts 211" "Classic"98
fat-free soy flour91
fat glaze98.6
fat glaze99 22 
fat glaze99.7 2 
fat glaze 196; 22199
fat glaze Classic Dark Puratos90
fat glaze "Etalon" 08-150 / 099
fat glaze for mini-donuts BANANA (Kerry)98.4
fat glaze for mini-donuts "Milk chocolate" (Kerry)98.4
fat glaze for mini-donuts "Raspberry" (Kerry)98.4
fat glaze for mini donuts White (Decor)98.6
fat glaze with caramel flavor No. 317 (for donations)98
fat glaze with orange flavor No. 31299
fat glaze with strawberry flavor98
fat glaze with strawberry flavor No. 31599
fat glaze with wild berry flavor No. 31899
fat icing with strawberry jam flavor No. 31699
fat pastry 9599.9
fat "SDS 600"99.7
fat Shocomix 810.1
fat special Appointments "Vegakrem" 701099.8
fat special destination "Vegakrem" 300699.8
fat "SSSP"99.9
fatty glaze "Standard No. 1"0
fat Union 71E99.7
fat Vegamelt ZMK99.8
feijoa puree10 1 
fennel seed91.2
fermented filler for dough with mdzh. fifteen%22
fermented glucose (dextrose)91.39
fermented glucose АiВi 1.5050
fermented malt15
fermented milk sir 9%32.2
fermented rye flour 40092
festfix for curd filling0
festive bakery mix {Bread doctor}85
fiber dietary fiber91
fibretex complex food supplement (*)92.04
fidelio (GK)32
filler Apricot (Jess)72
filler Blueberry (Jess)60
filler "Boiled condensed milk"70
filler confectionery white99.5
filler confectionery white "Bakels"99.5
filler decorfil75
filler fig0
filler Sumum Pistachio0
filling "Alpental" with cherry flavor50
filling "Alpental" with cherry flavor (HBI)58
filling Amandel66
filling "Anabelle" (Anabel) with the taste of salted caramel66
filling Anabelle with salted caramel flavor66
filling "Anabel" with cherry flavor [Alexandria LLC]57
filling "Anabel" with cranberries, cranberry content 50%45
filling "Anabel" with pear. pear content 20%. [LLC Alexandria]50
filling "Anabel" with Raspberry flavor [Alexandria LLC]57
filling "Anabel" with Strawberry flavor [Alexandria LLC]57
filling Annabelle with taste and pear pieces.50
filling Apple cinnamon65
filling "Apricot" (Ratibor)65
filling "Apricot" unsterilized thermostable with pieces45
filling based on applesauce with Black Currant flavor ["Klrapivenskaya", Sweet House]73
filling Black currant Döhler66.5
filling Bonissimo "Orange" (Art)50
filling Caramel Toffee [VOSTOK-WEST]75.5
filling Cherry [Odoevsky canned food]45
filling Chocolate Hazelnut0
filling Cinnamon mix73
filling "Classic" with boiled condensed milk flavor Т 20270
filling "Classic" with chocolate flavor73.5
filling "Classic" with taste Boiled condensed milk Т 20170
filling "Classic" with taste Boiled condensed milk Т 21070
filling "Classic" with taste of boiled condensed milk Extra D 20168
filling "Classic" "with the taste of Condensed milk No. 101"0
filling Coconut pulp22.6
filling cond. CAFA not thermo "Banana"70
filling confectionery "Cream Choco" Mir (N)98.7
filling confectionery NZh 21 LLC "TOMER"98.5
filling confectionery pasta dessert "Cafe chocolate"70
filling confectionery pasta dessert "Cafe dairy"70
filling confectionery "Pekarevo"60
filling confectionery Rafaello0
filling confectionery "White Chocolate" Mir (N)98.7
filling confectionery with chocolate aroma THERMO58
filling confectionery with "Peach" aroma cream THERMO58
filling confectionery with vmist poppy seed "Extra"98
filling "Delhi Yogurt"70
filling "Delli Fruit with cherry flavor"64
filling Denkrim "Cherry D"68
filling Denkrim "Mango Flavored"64
filling Denkrim "Vanilla T"58
filling "Dessertnaya" based on applesauce with apricot flavor, unsterilized, thermostable55
filling "Dolchemix" with banana flavor60
filling "Dolchemix with vanilla flavor"65
filling "Estero baked apple"15.6
filling for muffins60
filling for Tiramisu (W)65
filling "Fresh apple" Inagro22
filling Fruitfil Apricot65
filling Fruitfil Pineapple58
filling "Impressa advocate"38