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Consolidated recipe: No. 063 Milk-sugar syrup

No. 063 Milk-sugar syrup basic recipe

Name of raw materials and semi-finished products

Mass fraction of solids,%
Raw mate­rial con­sump­tion
on 1 t phase
on 570.1 kg prefabricated
in kind
in solids
in kind
in solids
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2Fresh whole milk the weight ratio of fat 3.2%12.0  340.51 40.86 194.12 23.29 
Total28.55 71.45 1053.3  752.58 600.48 429.04 
Losses 3.0%22.58 12.87 
Output27.0 73.0  1000.0  730.0  416.17 
Losses before dipping/caking, shrinkage 1.5%71.45 15.8  11.29 9.01 6.44 
Dribble/Weld 2.1%22.03 12.56 
Losses after sintering/caking, shrinkage 1.5%73.0  15.47 11.29 8.82 6.44 

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