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Рецептура для домашнего приготовления №088 "Rainbow" cookies

№088 "Rainbow" cookies No. 088

Name of raw materials and semi-finished products

Raw mate­rial con­sump­tionRaw mate­rial con­sump­tionRaw mate­rial con­sump­tionRaw mate­rial con­sump­tion
Sign up228.02260.3961.8543.57
Margarine81.8493.4522.2 15.64
Powdered sugar35.5740.629.656.8 
Corn starch15.9618.234.333.05
Whole condensed milk with sugar13.6815.623.712.61
Sign up11.4
Fresh whole milk the weight ratio of fat 3.2%4.775.441.290.91
Baking soda1.6 1.820.430.31
Salt1.6 1.820.430.31
Sign up1.481.690.4 0.28
Total408.0 465.9 110.6677.97

Description: Sugar cookies made from premium flour have a rectangular or square shape. Produced by weight and packaged. 1kg contains at least 90 pieces.
Moisture 4.5% (-1.0% + 1.5%).