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Рецептура для домашнего приготовления No. 102 cookies "Shirvan"

No. 102 cookies "Shirvan" No. 102

Name of raw materials and semi-finished products

Raw mate­rial con­sump­tionRaw mate­rial con­sump­tionRaw mate­rial con­sump­tionRaw mate­rial con­sump­tion
Sign up150.03211.49390.85617.14
Granulated sugar42.0159.22109.44172.8 
Culinary fat26.2637.0168.4 108.0 
Grape juice18.0 25.3846.9 74.06
Corn starch13.5 19.0335.1855.54
Sign up6.0 8.4615.6324.69
Egg powder4.5 6.3411.7318.51
Baking soda1.351.9 3.525.55
Ammonium salt0.751.061.953.09
Sign up0.450.631.171.85
Total263.9 372.0 687.511085.55

Description: Sugar cookies made from premium flour. Has a square shape. Produced by weight and packaged. 1kg contains at least 75 pieces.
Moisture 4.5% (-1.0% + 1.5%).