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Технологическая карта Cherry cake [Yakhroma]

Name of raw materials and semi-finished products

Mass fraction of solids,%
Consumption of raw materials
for semi-finished products, g
Raw material consumption for0.7528 kg
finished product, g
Cream "Dream" - cherry
No. 001 Biscuit (main)
in kind
in solids
Sign up— 345.7 — 345.7 — 
Dry cream "Dream"97.0 148.2 — 148.2 143.8 
Melange27.0 — 113.8 113.8 30.7 
Cherry Foundation97.0 98.8 — 98.8 95.8 
Granulated sugar99.85— 68.3 68.3 68.2 
Sign up85.5 — 55.3 55.3 47.3 
Potato starch80.0 — 13.6 13.6 10.9 
Essence— — 0.7 0.7 — 
Total raw materials for semi-finished products592.7 251.7 844.4 396.7 
Output of convenience foods590.0 196.7 — — 
The output of semi-finished products in the finished product564.6 188.2 — — 
Output finished product49.05369.25
Humidity50.95%59.6%25.0 ±3.0%— — 

Описание технологического процесса.

Технологический процесс производства состоит из следующих стадий:
  1. Подготовка сырья к производству.
  2. Приготовление - No. 001 Biscuit (main)
  3. Приготовление - Cream "Dream" - cherry
  4. Приготовление - Cherry cake [Yakhroma]
  5. Упаковка, маркировка, хранение и транспортирование.
  1. Подготовка сырья к производству.

    Подготовка сырья к производству должна осуществляться согласно соответствующему разделу сборника "Технологические инструкции по производству мучных кондитерских изделий" (АгроНИИТЭИПП, М., 1992 г.), СП "Санитарно-эпидемиологические требования к организациям общественного питания, изготовлению и оборотоспособности в них пищевых продуктов и продовольственного сырья" и действующей "Инструкции по предупреждению попадания посторонних предметов в продукцию на предприятиях кондитерской отрасли и в кооперативах".

  2. Приготовление - No. 001 Biscuit (main)

    ** Preparation of the dough. ** Melange with granulated sugar without heating or (to speed up the whipping) with preheating to 30 ивают is whipped in a beating machine, first at low, then at a high speed for 30-40 minutes until the volume increases by 2 , 5–3 times. Before the end of whipping, add flour mixed with potato starch, essence and mix for no more than 15 seconds. Flour should be introduced in 2-3 doses.
    The finished dough should be fluffy, well-saturated with air, evenly mixed, without lumps and have a creamy color. The moisture content of the dough is 36–38%.
    ** Shaping. ** The biscuit dough is immediately poured into baking trays or molds, which are pre-greased or covered with paper. Baking trays and molds are filled to 3/4 of the height so that the dough does not fall over the sides when lifting.
    ** Baking. ** Baking time 50–55 min at 195–200 ℃ or 40–45 min at 205–225 ℃. The baked sponge cake is cooled for 20-30 minutes, removed from baking trays or molds and left to stand for 8-10 hours at a temperature of 15-20 ℃. After that, the paper is removed, the biscuit is cleaned.

    ** Characteristics of a semi-finished product. ** Rectangular, round or oval shape. The thickness of the biscuit is 30–40mm. The upper crust is smooth, thin, light brown in color. The crumb is porous, elastic, yellow.

  3. Приготовление - Cream "Dream" - cherry

  4. Приготовление - Cherry cake [Yakhroma]

  5. Упаковка, маркировка, хранение и транспортирование.

    Упаковка, маркировка, хранение и транспортирование должны осуществляться в соответствии с требованиями ТУ.