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Технологическая карта Puff cake with almonds [Wedge]

Name of raw materials and semi-finished products

Mass fraction of solids,%
Consumption of raw materials
for semi-finished products, g
Raw material consumption for0.6646 kg
finished product, g
№061 Cream "New"
No. 021 Puff
No. 063 Milk-sugar syrup
in kind
in solids
Sign up84.0 128.2 120.6 — 248.8 209.0 
Flour, premium85.5 — 181.0 — 181.0 154.8 
Granulated sugar99.85— — 110.8 110.8 110.6 
Fresh whole milk the weight ratio of fat 3.2%12.0 — — 53.0 53.0 6.4 
Melange27.0 — 9.2 — 9.2 2.5 
Sign up96.5 — 1.4 — 1.4 1.4 
Vanilla powder99.851.1 — — 1.1 1.1 
Cognac— 0.2 — — 0.2 — 
Wine— 0.2 — — 0.2 — 
Citric acid98.0 — 0.2 — 0.2 0.2 
Total raw materials for semi-finished products129.7 312.4 163.8 — — 
Sign up73.0 155.5 — — — — 
Total raw materials and semi-finished products285.2 312.4 163.8 — — 
Output of convenience foods279.1 272.3 155.5 — — 
Sign up96.0 — — — 68.1 65.4 
Coconut sprinkle98.0 — — — 61.3 60.1 
Total Raw— — — 735.3 611.5 
The output of semi-finished products in the finished product272.49265.84— — — 
Output finished product87.4 580.85
Humidity12.6%22.0 ±2.0%7.5 +4.5% -3.5%27.0 ±2.0%— — 

Описание технологического процесса.

Технологический процесс производства состоит из следующих стадий:
  1. Подготовка сырья к производству.
  2. Приготовление - No. 063 Milk-sugar syrup
  3. Приготовление - No. 021 Puff
  4. Приготовление - №061 Cream "New"
  5. Приготовление - Puff cake with almonds [Wedge]
  6. Упаковка, маркировка, хранение и транспортирование.
  1. Подготовка сырья к производству.

    Подготовка сырья к производству должна осуществляться согласно соответствующему разделу сборника "Технологические инструкции по производству мучных кондитерских изделий" (АгроНИИТЭИПП, М., 1992 г.), СП "Санитарно-эпидемиологические требования к организациям общественного питания, изготовлению и оборотоспособности в них пищевых продуктов и продовольственного сырья" и действующей "Инструкции по предупреждению попадания посторонних предметов в продукцию на предприятиях кондитерской отрасли и в кооперативах".

  2. Приготовление - No. 063 Milk-sugar syrup

    Milk is poured into the boiler, granulated sugar is added. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and boiled for 3-5 minutes to a temperature of 104-105 ℃ (test per thin thread). Milk-sugar syrup is filtered through a sieve with a mesh size of 1.5 mm and cooled.

  3. Приготовление - No. 021 Puff

    ** Kneading the dough. ** Pour citric acid solution into cold water, add melange, salt, add flour and stir for 15–20 minutes until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The dough is left for 30 minutes for the proteins to swell, then cut into pieces.
    The finished dough should be evenly mixed, without lumps and traces of impurities. The moisture content of the dough is 41–44%.
    ** Preparation of butter. ** Cut the butter into pieces, then mix the moisture contained in it with flour in a ratio of 10: 1 until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
    Prepared oil is divided into pieces, which are shaped into rectangular layers 20 mm thick, and placed on a board, dusty with flour, placed for 30-40 minutes in a refrigerator with a temperature of 5-10 – to cool the oil to a temperature of 12-14 ℃.
    ** Lamination of the dough on the machine. ** Pieces of dough are lightly rolled into rectangular layers 20-25 mm thick in the middle and 17-20 mm towards the edges. Prepared layers of oil are placed in the middle of the resulting layers of dough; the ends of the dough are wrapped in an envelope and pinched. The prepared dough envelope is rolled out on a dough sheeter. For this, the envelope is placed on the upper conveyor and rolled through the rollers. When rolling out the dough for the first time, the distance between the rollers is about 20mm. The dough is folded in four layers, rolled again, folded again in four layers and cooled for 30–40 minutes in a refrigerator. The dough is rolled out, folded into four layers and cooled again. After this test is rolled twice with a roll spacing of 10 and 6 mm. The finished dough has 256 layers.
    ** Dough layering by hand. ** Pieces of dough are formed in the form of a ball, a cross-shaped incision is made and rolled out with a rolling pin on a table dusted with flour to a thickness of 20–25 mm in the middle part and 17–20 mm to the edges, thus obtaining a cross-shaped layer with four oval ends. After rolling, flour is swept from the dough layer and a prepared butter layer is placed in the middle of it, the ends of the dough are wrapped in an envelope and pinched. Then the envelope is dusted with flour and, starting from the middle, rolled into a rectangular layer 10 mm thick. Sweep away excess flour from the layer and fold it in half so that both ends of the layer converge in the middle, then fold it in half again and place it for cooling in a refrigerator for 30–40 min, covering the surface with a damp cloth. The rolling, rolling into four layers and cooling of the dough are repeated three more times.
    The finished dough should have distinct layers of dough and fat, white with a cream shade, elastic, soft consistency.
    ** Shaping. ** After cooling, the puff pastry is cut into pieces of 2–5 kg and rolled out with a rolling pin into layers for cakes and sliced pastries 4.5–5 mm thick. The prepared layer is placed on a pastry sheet moistened with water. After preparation, the dough layer is allowed to stand for 15-30 minutes. A hole is cut out in the center of the upper layer for the semi-finished puff Colosseum cake and greased with an egg. The top surface for the apple puff is smeared with yolk. Before baking, the surface of the dough layers is pricked with a knife in several places.
    For the "Envelopes" piece puff, the rolled dough is cut into squares of a certain mass. Lubricate in the middle with melange, then fold all the corners of the square to the middle, pressing slightly. For the Book, the dough is cut into rectangles, half of their surface is smeared with melange and the dough is folded in the middle, placing the unlubricated half on the greased one. For "Triangles", the rolled dough is cut in the same way as for "Envelopes" into squares, one corner of the square is smeared with melange and the dough is folded diagonally, placing the unlubricated part on the greased one. For "Bows" the dough is cut into rectangles and twisted once in the middle. For tubes and couplings, the rolled dough is cut into strips 10 mm thick, 25 mm wide and 170 mm long, rolled helically onto metal tubes so that with each turn one edge of the strip is slightly on the other, and laid on the sheets with the seam down. The strip thickness after rolling is 4.5–5 mm. The surface of the tubes is lubricated with melange, and the surface of the couplings is not lubricated.
    When shaping the dough, it is necessary that the blades of the knives and the edges of the grooves are sharp.
    ** Baking. ** Baking duration 25-30 minutes at a temperature of 220-250 ℃.
    It is recommended to grease the surface of the top layer for a puff with apple filling immediately after baking with sugar syrup.

    ** Characteristics of a semi-finished product. ** Forms are rectangular, triangular, etc. Thin layers from white to light yellow are easily separated. The structure is airy.

  4. Приготовление - №061 Cream "New"

    Whipped butter, peeled and cut into pieces. Then, gradually, in several steps, add chilled milk-sugar syrup. At the end of whipping, add vanilla powder, cognac, wine. Duration of whipping is 20-30 min.

    ** Characteristics of a semi-finished product. ** Homogeneous fluffy mass with a smooth glossy surface, well retaining its shape.

  5. Приготовление - Puff cake with almonds [Wedge]

  6. Упаковка, маркировка, хранение и транспортирование.

    Упаковка, маркировка, хранение и транспортирование должны осуществляться в соответствии с требованиями ТУ.